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In 1934 this Peshtigo plant produced the first structural glued laminated timber arches for a gymnasium in America, at Peshtigo High School. This was the first use of such arches.

The Hanisch family, in wood roof structure laminating, and the Thompson family, in wood boat building, joined forces to put in place these first timber arches. It was a good relationship in those early days; skilled wood workers were busy in winter and early spring at boat building but were also available for building construction in the summer and fall seasons.

Combination school gym and community halls were built throughout the Great Lake States in the 1930's. Most of them are still in service as athletic facilities, others have been replaced by infrastructure progress or new and larger facilities are at the same site.

Gyms are still constructed with gothic three-hinged arches but other shapes dominate, such as straight and cambered beams, single tapered, double tapered or pitched and tapered curved beams (PTC). Two and three-hinged segment arches and trusses are popular for the longer spans in gyms or sports arenas.

Jai Alai Fronton (1955)
West Palm Beach, Fla.
Architect: Spicer & Gehlert
Contractor: Mangonia Builders, Inc.

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