Structural Glued Laminated Timber

Structural glued laminated timber, mass timber is a product of our nation's best known and most abundant natural and renewable resource. From architectural and engineering design and construction standpoints, it has all the important characteristics - beauty, versatility, strength, durability and workability - like no other material. The structural form functions as a single unit to provide freedom to the designer, cost advantages to the builder, and economy and aesthetics for the owner.

The laminating process of curving and gluing wood layers of lumber together under pressure to create a single unit, permits shaping structural members closely to the form commensurate with actual stress conditions.  A variety of large and complex machines end joint and end glue lumber, surface the long laminations, apply adhesive and bond laminations together in straight or curved form.  The laminated members are then sawn, drilled, fitted and surface finished per customer requirements and are truck delivered to the construction site.

In the laminating plant at Peshtigo, southern pine and other species members show an elegance and warmth possible only in wood.  For shipping and for field construction, the high strength to weight ratio of shop-fabricated wood provides ease of handling and economy.

Beams a foot wide and 6 feet in depth, that are 100 feet in length are not uncommon.  Whether straight or curved, structural glued laminated timber can make a significant difference in the success and beauty of your next building project.

Quality products are assured by strict adherence to Product Standard ANSI A190.2017 for Structural Glued Laminated Timber, the AITC Inspection Manual 200, and other American Institute of Timber Construction Standards.